White House Farm has been part of the Marsh family for four generations. The  farm has been in the family for over a 100 years, it has a historically been farmed with different livestock and crops through the years. We have always tried to be inventive with the resources available to us and in 2015 the remaining family members decided that we were no longer interested in the traditional farming approach and we considered our options for the future. Eventually Julie Marsh decided that we were to use the land to build a luxury campsite offering a mixture of traditional Mongolian Yurts, modern Nomadic Yurts and a facilities Log cabin.

The first decked area was constructed in 2016 as a test to accommodate some guests for Julie's youngest son's wedding. The guests which stayed in the yurt over night seemed to enjoy the experience and this encouraged us to take the idea a little more seriously. We took that first Mongolian yurt down that winter, then started to design and plan the further expansion of our new family business and work out how to better use the space available to us.

In April 2019 we officially opened to the public and started booking our yurts, it has been a refreshing change to the farming lifestyle.